I have no association with these organisations, however, I found their information helpful and I hope you do too.

Anger in Children 



Sane factsheets-podcasts-anxiety-disorders

ecouch  (self-help)

Your Brain on Stress and Anxiety  (YouTube Clip)

Anxiety in Children

The Brave Program    (a free online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety)

Stepladder Approach

Freeing Your Child From Anxiety    (a must read book for parents of children with anxiety disorders)


The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – criticism, contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling

The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work by John Gottman – Animated Book Summary

The Gottman Method

3 skills taught in Couples Therapy that all couples can benefit from

Couples Therapist Explains How to Turn a Negative Relationship Around (YouTube Clip) 

Attachment in Couples (two experts in bonding look at key responses in love relationships)


moodgym    (Learn skills for preventing and coping with depression)

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders – Teenagers

headspace – eating disorders                                                                                                            

Eating Disorders and Young People

Financial Worries

CAP Money

Grief and Bereavement

Grief Information


Online Parenting Coach

Parenting Ideas (Michael Grose – Australia’s No. 1 Parenting Educator)

Teens   (Australia’s leading online youth mental health service)

Headspace   (National Youth Mental Health Foundation – helping young people who are going through a tough time)

Youth beyondblue   (improving youth mental health)

Parenting Today’s Teens – Mark Gregston

Sharon Witt (author of the best selling Teen Talk series)

Kerryn Redpath (autobiography of former drug addict)

Just For Fun 🙂  

Bad Counsellor